Code your Utopia;

Who Am I?

I am Lionel Ringenbach, a young developper and dreamer, always looking forward to embark new and fresh coding adventures. Becoming a software programmer is for me the most fantastic way I found to imagine and bring life to the simplest and most abstract ideas. Combine the human mind with a computer and amazing things happen.

With C# and XAML by my side since 2006, I remained passionated by the never ending possibilities and forms of the platform. From the console, to the cloud and to the phone, the code always tasted good. These might be my weapons of choice but the perspective of other platforms is always appealing to me. Innovation is everywhere.

Currently based in Switzerland I am always craving for outdoor adventures in the summer of those beautiful mountains. Summer is also the time of the year where I love to run around the music festivals of Europe. And when nothing else matters, I enjoy my favorite childhood activities around modern and retro video games.